Views from the house

All of the pictures on the slider above were taken from within the confines of our property. So you know exactly what you will be getting!

The sea can be any shade of blue, green, grey or indeed black that you care to imagine. Sea storms are spectacular and better than any television (from the safety of the living room or master bedroom of course!)

It can also be quite “busy”, with cruise ships, fishing boats and leisure craft coming and going for added interest.

The coast line is spectacular as is the pinky yellow colour of the rocks (which we have tried to reflect in the colours we use in the sitting room).

And of course, there is the pine forest. We have actually come across a pig, three goats and a couple of sheep foraging there! In the spring the forest is home to wild asparagus and fennel – yummy! You can meander down into Sant Feliu through the pine forest avoiding most of the road completely.

Click on the pictures below and come in and seeā€¦

Living room at Maremar
Living areas
Master bedroom
Our bedrooms and bathrooms
Private gardens & patios
The pool and gardens at Maremar
Communal areas