Sant Feliu de Guixols

Sant Feliu is a bustling harbour and town with the strapline “open all year” and they are absolutely right about that. Look at the slider for a few images of Sant Feliu, the sandy beach, the marina and the rest!

There is any number of bars and restaurants to suit all tastes and pockets. If you have booked with us, go to the guests’ private area for a few suggestions…

There is a market in the market square (surprisingly!) every day except Monday where you can find the freshest fruit and vegetables. In the indoor market you will find fish, meat, cheese and foodie stalls for your delectation.

There is a reasonable sized supermarket just on the market square but lots of major ones within 10 minutes’ drive of Maremar and five minutes’ drive of Sant feliu.

One of our favourite food shops is Can Prat (OK you English, “prat” is Catalan for “field”!!). There you will find Catalan ladies getting their “takeaway” lunch or dinner. More of this and ideas of what to try in our private guests only area.

The shops are fabulous – this is quite a well healed place after all. Lots of clothes, furniture and other items as you would expect.

Things to see and do in Sant Feliu include:

  • The information centre which will tell you everything about what’s on and where
  • The Museum of Childhood, just on the Rambla
  • The Monastery
  • The Carmen Thyssen art gallery
  • Take a ride on the green “train” which meanders along the coast and actually goes up to the house in the summer months
  • Visit the tranquil Ermita with its stunning views across the sea, the bay and Sant Feliu de Guixols itself
  • Lunch and dine to your heart’s content
  • Shopping, shopping, shopping!
  • Wander round the market (every day except Monday) and especially the enormous Sunday market


On the beach and in the bay:

  • Have fun in the soft sands
  • Play beach volleyball
  • Grab a pedalo
  • Have a wind surf
  • Go Kayaking
  • Grab a snorkel and explore the rocks
  • When the sun goes down, visit the funfair and children’s play areas
  • Have a drink and a few tapas overlooking the beach


From the ports:

  • Go for a cruise along the coast from Sant Feliu
  • Go along the coast a little to the Sant Pol beach (also part of greater Sant Feliu) and have lunch at a fish restaurant overlooking the beach
  • Hire your own boat and go “coving” (finding beautiful coves to anchor in, go for a swim, have lunch….)
  • Get your scuba diving qualification or go out with the pros to see wondrous sights!
  • Hire a jet ski or power boat and have a thrill
  • Go for a cruise in a glass bottomed boat


On dry land:

  • Explore the many coastal paths in and around Sant Feliu de Guixols
  • Wander through the cork forests soaking up the tranquility
  • Visit the pine forests – looking out for wild fennel, wild asparagus, figs, prickly pear and many other foragables depending on the season
  • Play tennis, boules, go horseriding etc etc etc
  • Hire a mountain bike and explore on wheels



  • The Summer music festivals (Jazz, blues, everything!)
  • Get involved in the open air (free) entertainments, especially in late spring to early autumn
  • Go to as many fiestas and fairs as you can – they are all different and are all year round

Should you book with us, not only will you have access to our guest only areas which give detailed descriptions (with pictures) of many of the things mentioned above, but you will also receive up to date information from us relating to the period of your stay. You don’t have to miss a thing!