Things to do in Summer

Summer is absolutely marvellous in Sant Feliu de Guixols. The enormous advantage for people staying here is that it is not first and foremost a resort. Rather, it is a wealthy Catalan fishing and market town with lots of other things to do and with well-healed Barcelonites coming for weekends and longer visits the whole year round. There are no “resort hotels” – and therefore everything is on a rather less frantic footing.

So Sant Feliu gets busy in Summer, very busy in fact (mid-July to the end of August are the French and Spanish summer holidays…), but it never heaves with crowds and crowds of people on bucket holidays. Rather, it is full of people who like the sea, sea sports and the countryside, gastronomy and culture. But Platja D’Aro is only a short hop away if you want a quick burst of bars with loud music, discos, fast food and those shops that you find all over the world!

We tell you all about the great summer activities in and around Sant Feliu de Guixols on our Sant Feliu page and give you even more detail in our guest-only pages when you book with us. But the slider above (which we are still working on) will give you a flavour of the enormous variety of activities and experiences open to you using Maremar as a base.

The Summer season (ie when most fiestas and other events are scheduled) runs from around mid June to the end of September. This may expand slightly depending on the weather. However, there is so much to do in any season as you can see from our other pages. Having said this, there are many things on all year round…