Off season holidays in the Costa Brava

If you pick your town correctly, you can have a most fabulous time in the Costa Brava in Winter and Spring!

You need a town that stays open all year round, that has Catalan life going on around you at all times, where you can get a coffee or a meal and not feel you are in a ghost town. Sant Feliu de Guixols is famous for its all year round nature and events.

Good access to other places to visit is also advisable. Being at the end of a one-way track at the quieter times of year is not ideal. It is lovely to be in a place of secluded calm, but you want it on your own terms. Maremar is ideal because you are seconds from the main coast road so you can explore a most stunning coastline, it is a few minutes from the gorgeous town of Sant Feliu and the communicating roads to Girona, Barcelona, Figueres etc etc are also close by.

Then the sports available. Of course golf is a big part of Catalan life so you have a number of golf courses to choose from. Kayaking is a great winter/spring sportĀ and of course cycling and hiking are a lot more comfortable outside of Summer. There is a heated indoor pool in town which has great opening hours and facilities.

Ask us for advice on when to come depending on how much activity you want to see close by and how keen you are to explore beyond Sant Feliu. We are here to help.