Can Prat

Can Prat, for Catalan food at home

The easiest way to try things you have not tried before, but see them first, is to take a visit to Can Prat which is a Sant Feliu de Guixols institution, just to the left of the indoor market. It has recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, and deservedly so.

On the back counter you will see delights such as those in the slider above. Things like beautiful home made meatballs, spaghetti done the Catalan way, pulses freshly cooked (and if you go in the morning, probably still warm!), chicken legs done with prunes, oh the list goes on.

The great thing is that you can see everything before you buy so you can be a bit more adventurous than you otherwise might be.

A visit to Can Prat is one of the top things to do in Sant Feliu de Guixols because it gives you a real flavour of Catalan life and home cooking. Click here to go to a map of where they are. If you are a guest at Maremar, then go to our guest-only pages for much more detail.